Our Containerized Sewerage Treatment Plants can treat from 1 000 lt to 30 000 lt a day.  We offer classes of water from Class C through to Class A and Class A+.

Our design team will complete every stage of the project to suit your site specific requirements, using either a buried or above ground installation.  Please Contact us for more information.



CES Water Recycling Systems are designed to handle all types of contaminants and a diverse range of flows.  Many other water treatment system providers will bind clients to their systems.  At CES we purpose build water recycling systems to suit individual needs and specifications.  Our systems range from 1 000 litre a day to 75 000 litre an hour.   Our team of qualified technicians will design, manufacture and install your system, offer onsite servicing and maintenance and training for your staff.


Oil Water Separators are designed to clean non-emulsified oils and solids from a waste system in order to reduce contamination to an acceptable level for discharge to concilliate local authority requirements and more importantly a level safe for our environment.

CES designs, installs and services only quality oil water separators - corrosion resistant -  to be assembled to fit your worksite area meeting safety standards - even in hazardous areas.

Your project is our business.


At CES we have the resources including design and installation to offer a complete wash bay solution for washing down machine parts through to mining vehicles.  All wash bays can be planned around specific budget constraints and can be designed and assembled to fit your worksite area meeting safety standards - even in hazardous areas.


A key issue with all treatment equipment from an oil separator to an A class water recycling system is that they generate large amounts of sludge that needs to be captured and disposed of according to state and local legislation making it a costly necessity. 

Generally, the majority of sludge is made up of 95% water and it makes good sense to separate the water from the contaminants.  A simple and effective way to accomplish this process is using a Filter Press System.

This system will mix the sludge with a binding agent - much like a cake mixture.   It then passes into the press which will squeeze the water out and press it for re-use or disposal via a sewerage system.   What is left in the press is a soft jelly like brick which can be simply disposed of into any landfill waste. 

For a very small initial investment, this system will provide enormous benefits in cost saving and with the least detriment to the environment.


A major concern to our waterways is contamination from quantities of pollution generated by washing of items ranging from industrial bins to heavy vehicle wash.  CES can provide this facility where items can be cleaned efficiently without detriment to the environment by elimination contaminants from he storm-water system.

Generally this has been controlled by a roof  over any form of wash area but in many instances this is costly and can be basically in-effective.  Free floating hydrocarbons and other pollutants need to be prevented from enter the storm-water network.

CES can provide a diversion system to meet every wash down area need.  They are designed to diver all your wash down water to waste while allowing rainwater to go to storm-water and also meet local authority requirements.